Sunday, September 22, 2013

Open House

Week 2 is officially in the books!
I am so in AWWW with this class.
They are the most polite and kind group I have had in many years.
We have been practicing making literacy work station choices and there has been absolutely no fighting because there were already too many people at that station.
I'm in HEAVEN!!!
This week was open house and our principal left it up to us to decide what we wanted it to look like.
In years past, our attendance has been less than minimal.  Who knew that was even possible?
My principal offered up coffee cards to the grade level with the highest percentage of attendees.
My competitiveness immediately kicked in.
We enlisted the help of the best sub ever (who just happened to be in the building) to help us come up with a theme. Gum it is!
My team decided to invite the students (normally they are asked to stay at home).
We created stations based upon what we wanted to highlight for first grade. This way we wouldn't have to stand in front with our fancy PowerPoint's and lecture at to them. 
Planning was underway and stations were being planned.
Leave it to me that I would have to one up the plan and come up with a scavenger hunt the night before. Who has time to recreate everything?
My team is so AWESOME! They ran with it!
This is my scavenger hunt paper that my parents got when they came to my room.
At each station there was a sign explaining what they needed to do.
Kinda embarrassed to say that we were getting ready for the BIG event all the way up to start time.
But, we pulled it off!
It was the biggest turn out that, we, as a first grade team have had in a looooong time!
I had 14/17 attend, 2 of my partners had 12/13 and 14/18 attend!
Let me do the math for you...that's 83%!!! WHAT!?!?
{Our other partner had a family emergency and couldn't stay, so we're not sure if our principal is going to include her in our total?}
We haven't found out which team won yet, but I'll be sure to let you know when we win find out.
The wheels are already turning for next year.
What do you do for open house?
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