Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner

We've got ourselves a winner!
And the winner of the half sheet of Black and White Chevron Jamberry nail wraps is...
Let me explain the technical aspect of choosing this winner.
There were 5 people that entered.
I asked my youngest son to pick a number between 1 and 5.
He picked 3.
See, I told you it was technical!
Sad you didn't win?
Don't be!
Everyone who entered is a winner!
I'm sending the other 4 of you your choice of accent nails.
You can choose either the left (#1-5) or right (#6-10) side.
Check your emails ladies!

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Time's a ticking...

My birthday sale in my TPT store is still going strong!
There are 2 more days left to win any one product from my store.
To enter, leave a comment  below about which product you would like to win.
Don't forget to enter to win a FREE half sheet of black and white chevron nail wraps from Jamberry.
That's enough to do your fingers and toes once!
Comment below that you would like to be entered for the nail wraps.
Make sure to leave your email with your comments so I can notify you if you win!
I will be choosing all winners on Sunday evening.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Five for Friday


Elf in the Classroom
Marshmellow has been a very good boy this week.

 Listening to books on tape...

 Crackin the Christmas Code...he remembered his name!

Takin a lil nap...all comfy and cozy!

Building words...

I thought this little guy would have the kids all wound up, but he's actually not a distraction at all.

I'm really having fun with him and will definitely be introducing him earlier next year.

FREE Coffee
Yup, you read that right...FREE

Our social committee bought everyone coffee on Thursday from a nearby coffee shop!

Parent Gifts
These are super easy and so cute!
I have done these for several years all thanks to my teaching partner for the idea!
One of my students told me that her brother made the exact same one when he was in my class.
Think I may need to start changing up my gifts!
Homemade Honey

The above mentioned student's family raises bees and this is from their hive!

LOVE the label...Jamison's Honey Natural Wildflower Honey, Natures Liquid Gold

They also included a business card with some facts on the back!

Can't wait to taste it!

Junie B in the Hiz-ouse

 I may have mentioned once twice a lot that I had loaned one of my Junie B Jones books to a former student and never got it back to my current students.

Well, guess what?


Someone got it for me!

No more DANG-ITS when I get home from the book store and realize I forgot AGAIN to get the one Junie B Jones book I am missing!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Birthday Sale and Give-Away

It's my BIRTHDAY week so I'm throwing a sale a giving away stuff!
This has NEVER happened to me!?!?
My entire store is 20% off through Sunday (12/22).
 Not sure why these pictures are so blurry???
Leave a comment below of what item in my store is your favorite and I'll draw 2 names on Sun to win the item of their choice.
But wait...there's more!
Been wanting to try Jamberry and haven't?
I'm giving away a half sheet (enough to do your fingers and toes once) of black and white chevron.
Just comment below that you want to be entered into the drawing and I'll draw a name on Sun.
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Five for Friday

So I started this post on Friday and was all set to post and then realized I didn't take a picture of the snowman tear art...ugh! I wasn't going to make a trip back to school for a picture, so here is my Five on Monday!

Subtraction Strategies
While reviewing subtraction this week one of my students said "Oh, I get it. We're subtractioning it!"
Out of mouths of babes!

Loose Tooth
One of my students has a had loose tooth for a few days now. This has consumed her life, I tell you! Well this topic has also taken over our small group time. So at the end of small group we started to discuss her tooth. One of the little boys in the group said you must have a sugar tooth. This is the conversation that E and I had.
Me: A sugar tooth?
E: Yes a sugar tooth!
Me: What's a sugar tooth?
E: When you get older you'll find out.
Me: I'm older than you and you already know. What is it?
E: You know, when you want to eat sugar all of the time.
Me: Oh! You mean a sweet tooth?!?!
E: Yes! {Erupted in laughter!}

Snowman Tear Art
This is a fun winter art project that takes up a bit of time. This year I had our 3rd grade buddies help us with them. They always turn out so cute!
Not sure where the original idea came from. My teaching partner found it on a blog last year. If you know who's idea it is please let me know so that I can credit them.

Today our Elf arrived from the North Pole. The package was super cold and he was packed in marshmellows.
We couldn't decide if the marshmellows were used to pack him so he got to us safely or if that is the snow at the north pole.
Either way, it was yummy!
We voted and named him Marshmellow...fitting right?

My new favorite!!!
Have you heard of Jamberry Nail Wraps?
I am in LOVE!!!
So many styles to choose from! No more spending money and time at the nail salon! And the best part... NO DRYING TIME!!!
Come check them out...

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Five for Friday

It's Friday! Time for...

This has been one loooooong week! Anyone with me?
 Seating Chart

I finally managed to get my seating chart assembled during conference week right before Thanksgiving.

I know, I know...we've been in school for over 60 days and I hadn't gotten it done yet!

I use small laminated pictures of my kids and ticky tack to assemble my chart.

Here are my tables, color coded and numbered to match my room

Small pictures of students with their name

Seating Chart!

When I need to move someone, I just move their picture to their new spot.

This chart is super handy for guest teachers since I don't have name tags on my tables.

 Bright spot of my week

Tuesday morning I came to work and found some goodies awaiting me!



Thirty One order
And check out my brother's Christmas present
Can you see the resemblance? Talk about man's best friend! Hope he likes it!
Christmas time

We've kicked off the holiday season with light art.

This idea originally came from my teammate. You can see hers and read her post {here}. 

I decided to use glitter and black paper instead of white paper and black marker.

I love the way they came out!

The kids were so quiet painting their light bulbs! Maybe I needed to do this project all week long! LOL!

Super E fun!

We were introduced to Super E

I was so excited to hear all of the Oohs and Aahs as I introduced him. It's the little things that make this job so rewarding.

I wish I would have video taped their expressions when Super E flew in to change the vowel sounds of the words.  PRICELESS!


Math Strategies

We have been reviewing addition and subtraction this week.

 I have been using my addition and subtraction strategy posters to aide in the process.

These are a few of the ones we reviewed this week.
If you would like to win a set of my addition and subtraction posters, leave a comment with your email. I'll pick three or four or maybe even more on Sun.

I will leave you with this...kinda sums up my relationship with the gym this week since the weather has been so frigid {Suppose to be 10 - 20 below tonight...BRRRRR}!


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