Monday, December 16, 2013

Five for Friday

So I started this post on Friday and was all set to post and then realized I didn't take a picture of the snowman tear art...ugh! I wasn't going to make a trip back to school for a picture, so here is my Five on Monday!

Subtraction Strategies
While reviewing subtraction this week one of my students said "Oh, I get it. We're subtractioning it!"
Out of mouths of babes!

Loose Tooth
One of my students has a had loose tooth for a few days now. This has consumed her life, I tell you! Well this topic has also taken over our small group time. So at the end of small group we started to discuss her tooth. One of the little boys in the group said you must have a sugar tooth. This is the conversation that E and I had.
Me: A sugar tooth?
E: Yes a sugar tooth!
Me: What's a sugar tooth?
E: When you get older you'll find out.
Me: I'm older than you and you already know. What is it?
E: You know, when you want to eat sugar all of the time.
Me: Oh! You mean a sweet tooth?!?!
E: Yes! {Erupted in laughter!}

Snowman Tear Art
This is a fun winter art project that takes up a bit of time. This year I had our 3rd grade buddies help us with them. They always turn out so cute!
Not sure where the original idea came from. My teaching partner found it on a blog last year. If you know who's idea it is please let me know so that I can credit them.

Today our Elf arrived from the North Pole. The package was super cold and he was packed in marshmellows.
We couldn't decide if the marshmellows were used to pack him so he got to us safely or if that is the snow at the north pole.
Either way, it was yummy!
We voted and named him Marshmellow...fitting right?

My new favorite!!!
Have you heard of Jamberry Nail Wraps?
I am in LOVE!!!
So many styles to choose from! No more spending money and time at the nail salon! And the best part... NO DRYING TIME!!!
Come check them out...

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  1. Oo la la, loving my pinkie jams! Got to head over to the website to pick my favorite wraps to start with:) P.S. You can tell "E" that Mrs. Maguire has a sugar tooth.

  2. I love the whole sugar tooth scenario! Too cute! Your tear snowman turned out really cute. I am fortunate enough to live about three minutes from my school, but I don't like to go on the weekends because I don't like fighting with the gate. It frustrates me! I've thought about trying the Jamberry nails. They look great!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Not sure if living so close to school is a good thing or not? I live about 15 min away (taken by freeway) and I kinda like it! You should give Jamberry a try. Happy to send you a couple samples if you want...just let me know!