Friday, December 20, 2013

Five for Friday


Elf in the Classroom
Marshmellow has been a very good boy this week.

 Listening to books on tape...

 Crackin the Christmas Code...he remembered his name!

Takin a lil nap...all comfy and cozy!

Building words...

I thought this little guy would have the kids all wound up, but he's actually not a distraction at all.

I'm really having fun with him and will definitely be introducing him earlier next year.

FREE Coffee
Yup, you read that right...FREE

Our social committee bought everyone coffee on Thursday from a nearby coffee shop!

Parent Gifts
These are super easy and so cute!
I have done these for several years all thanks to my teaching partner for the idea!
One of my students told me that her brother made the exact same one when he was in my class.
Think I may need to start changing up my gifts!
Homemade Honey

The above mentioned student's family raises bees and this is from their hive!

LOVE the label...Jamison's Honey Natural Wildflower Honey, Natures Liquid Gold

They also included a business card with some facts on the back!

Can't wait to taste it!

Junie B in the Hiz-ouse

 I may have mentioned once twice a lot that I had loaned one of my Junie B Jones books to a former student and never got it back to my current students.

Well, guess what?


Someone got it for me!

No more DANG-ITS when I get home from the book store and realize I forgot AGAIN to get the one Junie B Jones book I am missing!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Marshmellow looks like he has been having a jolly good time! Love the lightbulb snowman craft and am so happy you got your Junie B. book! Merry Christmas, Veronica!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. So...1.) Love all your Marshmallow photos...I was terrible and only got one picture of Snowflake all week:/, 2.) You're nails look awesome in the coffee shot, 3.) I've had kids tell me the same thing, but I've had parents say they like having the same ornament made by each of their kids at the same age. I love that craft and probably won't ever change, except maybe once and a while to do the handprint ornament. 4.) Yum, and 5.) Yay! Did a student get that for you?? Because that would be incredibly thoughtful and amazing for a kiddo to remember! KinderCoaster

    1. Yes, a student got it for me. He is just as obsessed with Junie B as I am! His mom told me at conference time not to worry about buying it anymore because they already did, but to act surprised. I think I took an academy award for that one!