Friday, September 6, 2013

August SLANT box

Before I begin this post I need to apologize for not posting this as soon as I received my SLANT box. This week has been crazy busy!

With that being said, this past weekend I received my SLANT box from Brittany from Closing the Gap in a Cute Outfit. Isn't that the cutest blog name?

Included was a super cute note explaining each of the items.

Days until...who doesn't love a countdown?!
Brittany loves photos so she included the other 2 frames. These are already in my room holding my honey and boys' pics.

Spork?!...for the times you forget your utensils.
Bubble yum...blast from the past (my boys snatched this up right away!)
Coffee is my morning fav!
Pink and Purple nail polish...these are my fav colors and I LOVE a good pedi!
Jewel magnets...BLING, BLING BABY!!!
(Sorry about the picture quality)
Thanks Brittany! Love it all!
On a side note, this is how my lesson plans went down this week. 
Thank goodness I only had students yesterday and today!
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  1. I'm very excited to be partnered with you for the SLANT box exchange this month! I hope I can find plenty of goodies that you'll enjoy!

    Seconds at the Beach