Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Follower Freebie Week 2

As promised I’m back with another freebie.

This week's freebie...color posters.

 (bright dot background) 

Just click on the picture to grab your freebie.

The first 10 followers to comment and leave their email will receive the coordinating number posters.

These posters represent the numbers 1-10 in 5 different ways.

Let me know if you want the bright dot or chevron background. 
(bright chevron background)

(bright dot background)

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  1. I love both of your chevron and polka dots number posters! I can't really make a definite decision... but if I had to choose I will choose the polka dots. But I have to say it was a difficult decision, I can't even make a choice for which I want to have in my room this year. Thanks for the freebie!:)
    Kinders on the Block

    1. Sorry... I mean the bright dots. I guess I got so excited.:)

  2. Hi Veronica,

    I would love to have the Bright Chevron Number Poster together with the Bright Chevron Color Poster to coordinate with my Chevron Background Theme, if possible.

    Thanks again for your understanding and kindness.

  3. Hello!
    I would love the Bright Dot numbers to go along with the freebie!
    Thanks so much for sharing!
    It's so kind of you!

  4. I would love to have the Chevron version!

  5. I am your newest follower! Thanks for sharing your amazing products! I would love to have the polka dot numbers. Can't wait to see more of your posts.


  6. Wow! I made it :) I am now following with bloglovin' and I think I am going to pick the polka dot numbers, all your products are fantastic! Thank you for your generosity!
    Email addy is: