Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tried it Tuesday

I haven't actually tried this yet, but decided to try it starting today so it counts right?
I spent the day at a math cadre meeting.
We were given the opportunity to look at CCSS progression documents.
If you haven't seen these, you are missing out!
You can take a look at them here.
These documents lay out the natural order that each standard should be taught for student understanding.
One of the other 1st grade teachers and I looked at the progression document for NBT and aligned it with our current math curriculum.
In doing this we discovered that there is A LOT in our current GVC that we DO NOT need to teach!
We took everything out that was not in the progression document and created a document with the lessons we will teach, in the order we will teach them, using our current math curriculum.
By doing this we will be jumping from ch 8 to the 13, back to 8, then back to 13. Of course we will need to supplement to meet all of the standards in this domain.
Our current curriculum is not very logical in it's layout and doesn't do a very nice job of covering one concept before moving on to the next.
There are only 14 lessons that we will be teaching starting now until March! We will be able to spend 2 or 3 days on each lesson before moving on!
It makes so much more sense to teach this way, building upon skills and spending much needed time going deeper within each standard!
Hopefully their understanding of the NBT CCSS will be more rigorous.
I am so excited to give this a try and wanted to share it with you all!  
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