Monday, August 19, 2013

Project Reveal and a FREEBIE

 Last week I gave you guys a lil sneak peek of a few projects I would be revealing today.
Well...without further ado...
Project #1: Teacher Toolbox
Last year I jumped on the teacher toolbox bandwagon and loved it.
This year I wanted to take my toolbox to the next level.
I spray painted it with black paint made for plastic and created new labels to match my room décor.
You can grab the labels {here}.
I think it looks much better black.
The bling really pops now!
Project #2: Storage Drawers 
How boring are these?
The drawers definitely needed a pop of color and I hated how you could see the mess in them.
One day when blog stalking I saw Maria's at Kender-Craze.
So I set out to Fancy mine up too!
Again, I spray painted the frame with the same paint I used on my toolkit.
I then Mod Podged bright scrap book paper in the drawers.

Once I figure out what I'm going to put in each drawer I will create labels for them.
Project #3: Table Caddies
I have really small tables in my classroom, so I've never had table caddies but I REALLY wanted some.
I found these at Wal-Mart.
They're not too big so hopefully they won't take up much space on the tables.
I added some blingy ribbon...and voila!
From drab to FAB!
Project #4: Teacher Stool
My parents remodeled their kitchen last spring and gave me 2 of these.
The brown wood won't match my classroom so I spray painted it black.
I used a dual spray paint that has the primer and paint already in it.
I really like it black!
I think relaxing teaching from occasionally sitting in it through out the day is going to hurt my hinny.
Introducing my new chair with a zebra cushion.

I haven't been able to find the perfect fabric for it yet, so I will be starting off the year with the zebra. 
Project #5: Supply Pots
I needed something to hold the supplies for my writing center and saw this idea on Jo-Ann Fabric's site while sitting in the dentist office.
So I took 5 of  these...
And created these...
Mine definitely aren't as cute as theirs, but they'll do!
I've got some other projects in the works right now.
I'll be sharing those as I finish them.
Hopefully I will have pictures of my classroom to start sharing soon as well.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday!
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  1. How big is the toolbox? Where did you buy it? It looks FABULOUS!
    Mrs. Cobb's Kindersprouts

    1. I'm not sure of the exact size of it. I got mine at K-Mart, but I know they also sell them at Home Depot and Lowes in the tool section,

  2. I love all of your project ideas. I actually lucked out and found a craft box at JoAnn's for $17.oo after using a 40% off coupon AND it's black! No spray painting for me! Hallelujah! I still need to make labels because the drawer sizes are different than the ones at H.D., Lowes and K-Mart.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'