Monday, August 5, 2013

Perks of Being a Teacher

Over the weekend my mom and I volunteered at The Color Run handing out water to the runners/walkers.
The cups that were used were sah-weet!
They weren't your typical Dixie cup. These were plastic cute cups.
After the race there were numerous unused (by people) cups that were going to be thrown away.
Toss out perfectly good cups? What!!!
So...I gathered up a few.

I kinda had that feeling like I was going to get in trouble for taking the cups since I am a big chicken nervous nelly.
I mentioned to The Color Run staff that I would like to take them to use in my classroom....If that would be ok?
You're a teacher???
 Have a few more!

There are definitely perks to being a teacher!
Here's my stash.

I have a few ideas what I'll be doing with these.
Art and organizational projects come to mind...
On another note, with only a month left before school starts I am doing some reevaluating of priorities.
I spent the majority of  July creating new decor for my classroom.
I have made a goal to start exercising again and getting out and enjoying what is left of summer.
So with that being said, I will not be creating as much this month.
I will, however, still continue to share freebies with all of you fabulous followers.
My freebies won't always be on Fridays so make sure you're a follower.
 You  don't want to miss out on any goodies!
Have a great Monday everyone! I'm off to enjoy some sunshine!

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  1. Wow! Lucky you, and good for you for saving them from the trash or whatever would have been done with them. Enjoy your rest from constant creation... It will feel good to be refreshed when school starts!

    Lindsey at Forever First Grade

  2. Very cool! I would have felt the need to ask too.... :)

  3. I love when people donate stuff for teachers! I can always find a use for everything!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  4. Nice Job! I will be expecting you to share some of these with your favorite teaching partner and religious blog-follower!!! Hee hee. Hey I like how you fixed the spacing on here it looks GREAT! Keep up the good work!